Zaytoun Medjoul dates are sourced from sun-drenched Palestinian farms around the ancient city of Jericho, an occupied area where vast tracts of land have been illegally confiscated by the Israeli government.

When you choose Zaytoun Medjoul dates, you are helping Palestinian families to make a sustainable living and to grow trade opportunities so they can retain their own land in the Jordan Valley, while facing the daily struggles of living under military occupation and the threat of expanding Israeli settlements.

Medjoul dates, often called the ‘fruits of paradise’, because of their plump size and rich caramel succulence are high in fibre, potassium and natural sugar. A nutritious way to break your fast and they also make a delicious ethical gift for friends and family.

Zaytoun Essential Medjoul Dates are ideal for breaking your fast. Larger than Jericho’s Finest, with a puffier appearance due to their more relaxed skin, they should be eaten shortly after purchase. If you decide to keep them longer, they may dry out but are still ideal for cooking and baking. A best-seller, they offer a large fruit at an affordable price with the same luxurious succulence as Jericho’s Finest.

Available in boxes of 800g and 5kg boxes.

Zaytoun Jericho’s Finest Medjoul Dates won a prestigious Great Taste Award in 2018 and are both gourmet and wholesome and make a delicious sweet treat.

Available in boxes of 250g, 500g and 5kg.

Ramadan Kareem

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Trade justice is an important principle in Islam and can be put into practice by breaking your fast with ethically sourced dates from marginalised Palestinian farmers. 

“Deal not unjustly, and you shall not be dealt with unjustly”  

Surat al-Baqarah 2:279