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News about Traidcraft plc
September 24th, 2018 2:41 pm     A+ | a-
It is with great sadness that we share the news that Traidcraft plc has announced that it has entered a period of consultation with its staff and stakeholders and may cease trading at the end of 2018. Traidcraft was a pioneer of Fairtrade and, as one of Zaytoun’s earliest and most enthusiastic supporters, continues to be a valued customer of ours and an important advocate for trade justice.
Now it is our turn to wholeheartedly support Traidcraft plc as it continues to trade as usual through the autumn and to the end of 2018. We are reassured by the fact that Traidcraft has considerable assets and will fulfil all orders to the New Year. It is an ironic twist that this year the autumn craft collection is one of the most attractive that they have yet produced and the company is looking forward to one of its best-selling seasons. Its economic challenges have been triggered by wider economic uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit negotiations, in particular the fall in the pound. It is testament to the company’s dedication to both customers and suppliers that it took a decision to absorb many of the resulting business costs.
This proposal to cease trading has been met with sadness not just by Zaytoun but by Traidcraft’s own many committed supporters, shareholders and friends. The company’s board have invited any stakeholders who wish to contribute to the thinking about the its future mission to send their thoughts to as soon as possible.
Here at Zaytoun, we would urge people to continue to support Traidcraft through these next few months, as we will be doing, and our hope is that whatever the outcome of the consultation, the impact on staff and suppliers can be minimised.

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