Zaytoun was founded in 2004

Initially funded by hundreds of people willing to put up their money in advance of receiving their oil, it soon became clear that there was a huge demand for Palestinian products amongst supporters and fairtraders in the UK. Zaytoun received a loan from Triodos Bank which enabled us to place another order with the Palestinian producers, and we began to bring in not only oil but maftoul (couscous), dates, za’atar, almonds and soap.

We are a Fair Trade company and a member of WFTO. In 2009 we launched the world’s first ever Fairtrade olive oil, a tribute to the hard work of the Palestinian producers and processors with whom we work.

zaytoun olive oil crop

We run two trips a year to Palestine, taking consumers to meet producers and processors, to work alongside them in the groves and to meet groups in the area working on peace and justice. We also bring producers to the UK every year for Fairtrade Fortnight.

We have an office in London, and are supported countrywide by very many wonderful volunteers and distributors, as well as selling Palestinian produce direct to retail outlets and through wholesalers.

we know that the best products are those that arise form the deep connection of a people to their land - generations of Palestinian farmers have enjoyed the many fruits of their land and are proud to share them now with us

For the latest info on events where we will have Zaytoun stalls click here

Zaytoun are grateful to the support of The Funding Network in launching the Fairtrade Palestinian Olive Oil.

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Women in Ethical Business Award