Zaytoun in the guardian again

saleh on November 30th, 2004

Article by Michele Hanson in Yesterday’s Guardian Paper on the stresses of Christmas Shopping suggested giving Palestinian Olive Oil instead as a stress free solution ! “I spotted a simple (solution) … straightaway: no more shopping for me. No more searching for presents. Everyone can have Palestinian olive oil for Christmas, whether they like it…

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Christian Aid Report

saleh on November 28th, 2004

Facts on the ground is a new report released by Christian aid. The report details the strangulation of the Palestinian economy, as more land is taken from the West Bank for settler roads and settlements. As a result, poverty levels are rising with cases of mounting malnutrition and anaemia, of unemployment and of farmers prevented…

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An article …

saleh on November 14th, 2004

The following excerpt appeared in Nottingham Alternative News “For the Israeli state, any element of Palestinian self-sufficiency is a threat, since it represents reserves of energy and strength that can help maintain the resistance. For this reason, trees are bulldozed and farmers collecting the olive harvest are beaten, harassed and shot at. If settler thugs…

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Olive Harvest update from ISM

saleh on November 2nd, 2004

Olive Harvest update from the International Solidarity Movement